Wearables: Heart Rate Data from FitBit - Part 2

In Part 1 we explored using the fitbitr package from teramonagi and the fitbit Web API to extract Heart Rate Time Series Data. In Part 2 we will use a Personal application API key to access Intraday Time Series Data, giving us heart rate data with a greater temporal resolution e.

Wearables: Heart Rate Data from FitBit - Part 1

A simple tutorial on extracting Heart Rate data from a fitbit via the fitbit Web API using the fitbitr from Nagi Teramo(teramonagi) Import Data # Load fitbit web API key into global environment #FITBIT_KEY <- "<your OAuth 2.

Building a Website with Hugo/Academic

I decided to write this post as I felt that the documentation from Academic, whilst excellent, was very much angled towards using netlify. Although netlify looks like a slick deployment system, I wanted to learn the process of building a classic GitHub Pages website from ‘getting my hands dirty’!