Proteomic prediction of common and rare diseases

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UCL-GSK Phenomics Hub

Phenotyping at scale across diverse biobank cohorts to power genomic & proteomic analyses for target identification, drug discovery, and precision medicine.

Disease Atlas

Underpinned by the needs of patients, clinicians and researchers, the Disease Atlas is an ambitious project involving the generation of a systematic, data-driven knowledge across all common and rare diseases. Using newly available nationwide data on 56 million people the Atlas is generating novel comparative insights of the health needs of patients, the care provided, and the research that is carried out.

BHF Data Science Centre Research Showcase: Phenotyping COVID-19: Insights from linked data for 56 million individuals

NIHR & BHF Data Science Centre Webinar: Data Linkage for COVID-19 Research

A joint webinar hosted by National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and British Heart Foundation (BHF) Data Science Centre for NIHR supported COVID-19 studies, to highlight how to utilise and access routinely-collected healthcare data via NHS Digital’s Trusted Research Environment, the UK’s largest linked health data research asset.

Characterising COVID-19 related events in a nationwide electronic health records cohort in England

Short presentation of our progress on defining COVID-19 event phenotypes in the NHS-Digital Trusted Research Environment as part of the CVD-COVID-UK Consortium.