ESICM LIVES2020: Personalising Care: ML from ICP waves

Below you can find my notes from this talk at the ESICM LIVES 2020. Thanks to Adrian Wong (@avkwong) for inviting me to blog on the ESICM website where you can find the full version of the below, including some slides.

‘Shielded’ anaesthetists and intensivists during the COVID‐19 pandemic

The Cauldron: Overcoming Obsolescence (Abstract)

Creating a Portable High-Fidelity ECMO Mannequin for Developing an ECMO-assisted CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (eCPR) Programme

Background eCPR is a complex process requiring multiple team members to conduct technical procedures in a coordinated, time-critical fashion. Simulation has an increasingly well recognised role in medical training, particularly in the field of critical care, allowing non-technical skills to be honed and logistical challenges to be identified and solutions sought in a safe environment.

Xtreme Everest 2: Unlocking the Secrets of the Sherpa Phenotype?