Using national electronic health records for pandemic preparedness: validation of a parsimonious model for predicting excess deaths among those with COVID-19

Twitter thread by Prof Ami Banerjee summarising key results PREPRINT.Our latest research led by @mehrdad_mizani with a big @BHFDataScience @HDR_UK team. Using National Electronic Health Records for Pandemic Preparedness:Validation of a Parsimonious Model for Predicting Excess Deaths Among Those With COVID-19.

The adverse impact of COVID-19 pandemic on cardiovascular disease prevention and management in England, Scotland and Wales: A population-scale descriptive analysis of trends in medication data

📊 Metrics 📺 BHF Data Science Centre seminar by Prof Reecha Sofat and Dr Caroline Dale

A nationwide deep learning pipeline to predict stroke and COVID-19 death in atrial fibrillation

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Association of COVID-19 with arterial and venous vascular diseases: a population-wide cohort study of 48 million adults in England and Wales

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Understanding COVID-19 trajectories from a nationwide linked electronic health record cohort of 56 million people: phenotypes, severity, waves & vaccination

❗ Now published in The Lancet Digital Health Johan H Thygesen, Christopher Tomlinson, Sam Hollings, Mehrdad Mizani, Alex Handy, Ashley Akbari, Amitava Banerjee, Jennifer Cooper, Alvina Lai, Ken Li, Bilal Mateen, Naveed Sattar, Reecha Sofat, Ana Torralbo, Honghan Wu, Angela Wood, Jonathan A C Sterne, Christina Pagel, William Whiteley, Cathie Sudlow, Harry Hemingway, Spiros Denaxas, on behalf of the CVD-COVID-UK Consortium (2022).

Evaluation of antithrombotic use and COVID-19 outcomes in a nationwide atrial fibrillation cohort

❗ Now published in Heart Alex Handy, Amitava Banerjee, Angela Wood, Caroline Dale, Cathie Sudlow, Christopher Tomlinson, Daniel Bean, Johan H Thygesen, Mehrdad A Mizani, Michail Katsoulis, Rohan Takhar, Sam Hollings, Spiros Denaxas, Venexia Walker, Richard Dobson, Reecha Sofat & CVD-COVID-UK Consortium (2022).

Vaccinating adolescents in England: a risk-benefit analysis

❗ Now published in The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (JRSM) Gurdasani D, Bhatt S, Costello A, Denaxas S, Flaxman S, Greenhalgh T, Griffin S, Hyde Z, Katzourakis A, McKee M, Michie S, Ratmann O, Reicher S, Scally G, Tomlinson C, Yates C, Ziauddeen H & Pagel C (2021).