👨‍⚕️ Contributing clinical experience, data wrangling and analytical skills to development of COVID-19 Severity phenotypes from linked EHR data for 54 million patients in England.

🎯 Work packages:

  • CCU003: Direct and indirect effects of the coronavirus pandemic in individuals with cardiovascular disease (Lead: Ami Banerjee, UCL)
  • CCU013: High-throughput electronic health record phenotyping approaches (Lead: Spiros Denaxas, UCL)
  • CCU020: Evaluation of antithrombotic use and COVID-19 outcomes (Lead: Alex Handy, UCL)

🏥 Datasets:

  • Hospital Episode Statistics Admitted Patient Care (APC) and Adult Critical Care (CC)
  • GPES data for Pandemic Planning and Research (GDPPR)
  • Second Generation Surveillance System (SGSS)
  • ONS deaths

👨‍💻 Work is conducted in the NHS Digital Trusted Research Environment using SQL, Python and Spark/Databricks.

Dr Chris Tomlinson
Dr Chris Tomlinson
👨‍💻Health Data Scientist |🎓PhD in AI Healthcare |👨‍⚕️Critical Care Doctor