Automated Assessment of Vascular Perfusion (Alan Turing Institute Data Study Group)

🎯 Automated assessment of vascular perfusion 🎓 Challenge owner: Prof Tony Whitehouse (University Hospital Birmingham, University of Birmingham) 🎓 Principle Investigator: Dr Kashif Rajpoot (University of Birmingham) 🏆 Received the ‘super additive’ award for ‘championing collaboration & knowledge exchange’


Contributing clinical experience, data wrangling and analytical skills to development of COVID-19 Severity phenotypes from linked EHR data for 54 million patients in England.

Xtreme Everest 2

Large expedition to Everest Base Camp seeking to characterise acclimatisation to environmental hypoxia in Sherpa's & Westerners to identify biomarkers of (mal-) adaptation that may inspire novel diagnostic/therapeutic targets for the cellular hypoxia seen in critical illness.

Innovation in Transtracheal Airway Design

Inaugural 'Innovation in Anaesthesia' BSc project leading to multidisciplinary and industrial collaboration