Implementing wget in Jupyter Notebooks on Windows 10

šŸš© Problem: Trying to use wget from within Jupyter Notebooks on Windows

ā“ wget is a free useful tool for downloading files (web-get) that is typically bundled with Unix-based operating systems like Linux & MacOS, but not Windows.

šŸ’” Eternally Bored produce compiled Windows binaries of GNU Wget (only 32-bit).

šŸ”§ After downloading, move wget.exe into PATH (typically C:\Windows\System32, but can be found by entering path into the Windows Terminal/Command Prompt).

šŸ’» You can then call it via Jupyter using ! to access terminal commands, e.g.

!wget āœ…

Dr Chris Tomlinson
Dr Chris Tomlinson
šŸ‘Øā€āš•ļø Critical Care Doctor | šŸŽ“ PhD @ UCL CDT in AI-enabled Healthcare